How to create a designer bathroom? Tips from our designers | Azzurra Ceramica (2024)

Space planning is the first crucial aspect of creating a designer bathroom. Here are some considerations to keep in mind:

  • Flow and Functionality: The space planning must ensure a harmonious flow and optimal functionality. The arrangement of fixtures, furniture, and accessories should be intuitive and convenient. Ensure easy accessibility to all elements and an obstacle-free environment.
  • Dedicated Relaxation Space: A designer bathroom should not only be functional but also a place for relaxation and well-being. Incorporating a bathtub and/or a spacious shower can enhance the comfort experience.
  • Ambient Lighting: Lighting plays a key role in the design of a space. Soft lighting can create a relaxing atmosphere, while directed lights can highlight the key features of the bathroom. The use of mirrors can amplify the effect of light and give a sense of greater spaciousness.
  • Utilizing External Views: A window, or even better, a panoramic view, that allows natural light to flood the bathroom, can significantly augment the serene atmosphere.
  • Materials and Colours: The choice of materials and colours should be consistent with the overall design theme of the bathroom and the home. The materials and colour palette should be carefully selected to reflect the desired style, be it minimalist, rustic, classic, or eclectic.

Selection of sanitary ware, furniture, and accessories

  • Use of High-Quality Materials: A designer bathroom also stands out for the use of high-quality materials such as marble, glass, ceramics, and wood. These materials not only have aesthetic value but, by being durable, ensure that the bathroom remains beautiful and functional for years.
  • Designer Basins: Designer basins often become the focal point in a well-designed bathroom. The shape, size, and design of the basin should be distinctive, and the choice of materials should be in harmony with the overall atmosphere of the bathroom.
  • Designer Sanitaryware: Even sanitary fittings, such as the toilet, bidet, and shower, should be carefully chosen for their design to harmonise with the rest of the bathroom.
  • Designer Bathroom Furniture: Wall-hung cabinets, built-in shelving, or bespoke bathroom furniture can provide a functional solution without compromising on aesthetics. Moreover, designer accessories can add a personal and distinctive touch to the entire space.

In summary, creating a designer bathroom requires the right combination of aesthetics and functionality. The selection of designer basins and sanitaryware, as well as attention to detail, are crucial. Azzurra Ceramica’s collections, conceived by talented designers such as Matteo Ragni, Silvana Angeletti, and Daniele Ruzza, offer high-quality solutions for those desiring a sophisticated bathroom design.

Azzurra Ceramica Designer Basins: Graal by Angeletti and Ruzza

The GRAAL collection from Azzurra Ceramica is a perfect example of high-quality design. This collection features freestanding designer basins that exemplify Azzurra Ceramica’s ability to balance elegance and functionality.
Iconic and sculptural, the freestanding GRAAL basin designed by Angeletti Ruzza draws inspiration from the evocative charm of bowls and ancient terracotta amphorae, transforming into a design object that echoes the aesthetics of bygone eras with a modern sensitivity. The fluid shapes and evocative design make the GRAAL basin an extraordinary choice for those seeking a designer bathroom that skilfully blends the past with the present, lending a touch of timeless romanticism to the space.

Among the exemplary products from Azzurra designed by celebrated designers, GRAAL fully embraces the brand’s authentic bespoke bathroom vocation by offering its sculptural forms in the multiple finishes of Colors 1250° and Shine.

Silvana Angeletti and Daniele Ruzza have been collaborating with Azzurra since 2007, offering artistic direction until 2014, and sharing with the brand a comprehensive vision of bathroom design, explored through sanitary ware, taps, furniture, and accessories. Their designs, both beautiful and functional, move away from the austerity of minimalism and speak a language of simplicity and authenticity, translated into expressive, soft, and pure forms.

How to create a designer bathroom? Tips from our designers | Azzurra Ceramica (2)
How to create a designer bathroom? Tips from our designers | Azzurra Ceramica (3)
How to create a designer bathroom? Tips from our designers | Azzurra Ceramica (4)
How to create a designer bathroom? Tips from our designers | Azzurra Ceramica (5)
How to create a designer bathroom? Tips from our designers | Azzurra Ceramica (6)
How to create a designer bathroom? Tips from our designers | Azzurra Ceramica (7)
How to create a designer bathroom? Tips from our designers | Azzurra Ceramica (8)
How to create a designer bathroom? Tips from our designers | Azzurra Ceramica (9)

Azzurra Ceramica's Designer Basins: Anfibio by Matteo Ragni

The ANFIBIO collection from Azzurra Ceramica represents another outstanding choice for those in pursuit of a designer bathroom. This basin, designed by Matteo Ragni and noted for its versatility, is not limited to the bathroom but can be adapted for various environments.

Multifunctional and equipped with multiple accessories, it is equally at home in hybrid living and working spaces. Featuring support surfaces and storage compartments, it is completed with a practical ceramic mirror.

The very name, ANFIBIO, underscores its ability to adapt to various functions, a capability common to many design objects conceived by Matteo Ragni.

How to create a designer bathroom? Tips from our designers | Azzurra Ceramica (10)

The forms of the ANFIBIO system, minimalist and functional, are an embodiment of contemporary design that focuses on versatility and practicality. Crafted from ceramic and complemented by a wooden tray for holding objects, the ANFIBIO basin is an exceptional choice for those seeking a product that is both aesthetically captivating and flexible in its applications.
The matching mirror, also made from ceramic and equipped with side compartments perfect for organising and discreetly keeping essential items within reach, completes the set, contributing to the creation of a versatile and harmonious design environment.

Since 1994, Matteo Ragni has dedicated himself to design, exploring its intersections with industry and craftsmanship. In 2016, Azzurra Ceramica brought him into their fold of designers to offer an alternative and cross-disciplinary interpretation of bathroom furnishings. Holding the belief that the craft of a designer can carry an ethical role and serve as a catalyst for true evolution, he plays with forms and cultural references, transforming them into design projects.

What defines a designer sanitary ware? What ideas are behind the design collection and the designers’ concept?

Designer sanitary ware is much more than a mere object for personal hygiene; it’s a manifestation of creativity and functionality. What sets it apart are the innovative ideas and the thought process behind its design. The GRAAL basins by Angeletti Ruzza and the ANFIBIO by Matteo Ragni provide outstanding examples of designer sanitary wares that represent a fusion of aesthetics and utility.

In both collections, the quality of the materials is the fundamental element that ensures durability and prestige. What makes these designer sanitary wares unique is their ability to combine aesthetics with innovative functionality. The beauty, originality, and versatility of these sanitary wares transform the bathroom into a designer space that exceeds expectations, while also offering a practical solution for daily needs.

The vocation of a company like Azzurra Ceramica to intercept and, at times, anticipate the evolutions of the bathroom environment plays an essential role in the relationship with designers and, more generally, in the sanitary design sector. The synergy between top designers and a company endowed with strong production know-how like Azzurra Ceramica allows for the transformation of creative visions into tangible products that unite aesthetics and functionality, offering clients high-quality design solutions.

How to create a designer bathroom? Tips from our designers | Azzurra Ceramica (2024)
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